And the newsletter is not fake!
Welcome to the inaugural issue of our much-hyped newsletter!
Here we are in the arrivals hall at Sydney airport. Look how fresh we are after the flight. It's not that bad! You barely even notice it!
Yes, the newsletter is real
And we're ready to spam you because we have a lot of time. Well, sort of. The newsletter is off to a late start because househunting and life admin stuff and moving between hotels is time and energy consuming. We started writing this from the Old Clare Hotel in Sydney, Australia's most exclusive city. Look at this great view from the hotel's rooftop pool:
We've now moved to a whatever Airbnb in Sydney's Newtown neighborhood (a dead cockroach greeted us in the living room floor, possibly killed by direct sunlight reflecting off the pleather couch thanks to the lack of any curtains, or maybe broiled to death because there's no AC). Our original Newtown Airbnb, which was supposed to be dazzling, was in fact covered in mold. But we're still in high spirits and ready to tackle our next biggest to-do: find an apartment, which we'll cover in the next newsletter being as we haven't found one yet.
Special shoutout to our (only) friends in Sydney...

...who met us at the airport, made Tom his first Vegemite sandwich, drove us all around town to apartment viewings, and invited us to our first beach party this week! Thank you Dan and Shelle! 
What do we have to do now that we're here?
Many people are likely wondering what needs to be done to execute a move such as this one. Well, we can certainly illuminate this area of mystery thanks to our recent experiences! 

1. Get phone numbers (done) - trickier than you would expect. We had to find a Chinese guy who was willing to ignore the phone company's proof of residency requirements

2. Apply for Betty's visa (done) - thankfully this miserable slog is at an end
3. Find a house - a big job worthy of its own newsletter

4. Get a job - we are still retired for now, but poorness stalks us like an astronaut in a failed love triangle

5. Get better at writing newsletters - may our ideas flow like the mighty Murray. And may those who unsubscribe get diarrhea

Why Sydney? What about jobs? What about friends? We put your burning questions on what the eff we're doing to rest. Read more here. 
Meat Pie of the Week

British-style beef and guinness pie from Trinity Bar in Surry Hills. 
Flight deal of the moment:

This one's for our friends and family in DC: Qantas – $557: Washington D.C. – Sydney, Australia. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

Holy cow!

Speaking of flights, did you know the time difference between Sydney and LA is only 5 hours?
That's all for now!
Photo credit: Tom
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