Wait no more, the much anticipated second issue of our newsletter has arrived! 
Surry Hills, here we come! 
We had intended to send the newsletter out at an organized, weekly clip, but we've instead decided to deploy them like New York thunderstorms - you never know when you're gonna get sogged... with sunshine! 

Much has happened since our last newsletter. We moved out of the AirHovel in Newtown, spent a week in Elizabeth Bay, and are now very happy in a deceased woman's gorgeous two-bedroom apartment in North Bondi, which her son is renting out as an illegal Airbnb. She was really into Chinese stuff so there are books, bowls, and paintings from Betty's homeland all over the apartment. Betty feels right at home. 

We also found an apartment! We wasted no time after viewing it - went straight to a pub, opened up Betty's laptop, and applied on Australia's ridiculously complicated rental application process (actual question from application: "Are you bankrupt?"). We beat out no less than two other biracial couples. They snoozed, they loozed, and we are now the proud tenants of an airy two-bed, two bath apartment in Surry Hills. (We have paid a deposit but are yet to sign the lease so perhaps the next newsletter will be called "We are still homeless, actually"). We move in on March 1st. 

Lastly, in another big win for gender equality, Tom has officially started the job hunt while Betty has once again taken up Pilates. Tom has applied for several jobs, and on Valentine's Day at Dumplings and Beer, we met a guy who seemed to know a bit about working here. He told Tom that data analytics-wise, Australia is five years behind the U.S. So Tom can be the person that takes Australia five years forward. Or he might just buy some graph paper and work from a boat. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your vote of confidence and as always, thank you for reading. 

Betty & Tom 

Check out Betty's sappy blog and heavily filtered photos from our early days in Sydney. Also, her recap of Newtown here
Garlic, Herb, and Lamb from Harris Market. Winner of the Bronze at the 2016 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show (according to the box). 
Some Aussie Slang:  Sepo 
Meaning: American. 

How? Good question. It's Australian cockney rhyming slang, so it means "Yank," which rhymes with "Tank," from "Septic Tank," because Americans are full of shit. 

Yay us! 

We see this bird everywhere and I finally looked it up:  Australian White Ibis. Apparently they're seen less and less in nature and more and more in urban areas and are now known as "tip turkeys" and "bin chickens," given their predilection for trash cans. 

We also saw a giant spider, which we identified as a mildly venomous, male Black House Spider, in the bathroom last night, but Tom swatted it D-E-D before Betty could take a photo. 
True Romance: Valentine's Day in Sydney
For Valentine's Day, Tom and I gave each other the gift of sight. We both suffered from bad prescriptions from a quack optometrist in Hell's Kitchen and after nearly six months, finally got things fixed by a very thorough optometrist in Elizabeth Bay, who also told Betty that she has some sun damage on her eyeballs. Good thing we've moved to Australia! 
That's all for now! If you missed our last newsletter, find it here!
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Tom at Bondi, walking through a sea of charred ladies. 
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