Wait no more, the much anticipated THIRD issue of our newsletter has arrived! 
We've moved in!  

First things first, happy Australian Mardi Gras, or as we seppos call it, Gay Pride Day. We are writing this here post from one of our favorite pubs of the moment, The Clock, in Surry Hills. It’s about 5 minutes walk from our new house.


Speaking of which, after 3 months and 19 days of homeless wandering, we finally have an apartment again. Wooo. We had some time ago realized we like the feeling of continuously improving our circumstances, but unfortunately in NY we weren’t rich enough to improve our circumstances that much, so we thought we better just throw everything in the trash and start over. Now every day is an improvement as we equip ourselves with things like chairs and forks. In any event, above is a photo of Betty eating a meat pie in our new, as yet unfurnished house, and below, because we took so long getting this edition of the newsletter out, is a photo of our new balcony furniture which arrived earlier today.


That spare room is looking forward to your visit! And as always, thank you for reading. 

Betty & Tom 
The Australian Brain-Drain and You 

The job hunt continues. While as of yet Tom has no job offers in hand, he’s had pretty good luck getting interviews. We attribute this to either a lack of qualified candidates available here in Sydney or to Tom's sophisticated accent. We talked to a smart-looking Asian guy who worked at the Apple store while in college, and he plans to move to California as soon as possible, which seems to be a common strategy. This all results in an interview bonanza for the balder part of our duo.


If you need a tech-related job and can somehow figure out the visa part (or better yet, get your company to figure it out for you), you should move to Australia immediately. Though by next week we may well be writing about how Australian tech companies have no taste or foresight if Tom doesn’t get a single offer from any of these interviews.

Check out Betty's blog and heavily filtered photos of our time at Bondi Beach where regretfully we didn't learn to surf. But as we've been watching YouTube tutorials, we will definitely return to conquer the waves. 
These are the best meat pies we've had yet: Chicken, Leek and Tarragon in the back, and Slow Braised Lamb, Potato and Rosemary in the front from the famous Flour and Stone in Woolloomooloo.  
The Orb-Spinning Garden Spider (sorry Justin), also known as the Big-Butted Heart Attack Spider, so known because while it’s not poisonous and doesn’t even bite people, it likes to build its web across the sidewalk at about face height. If you aren’t paying attention it will wind up right on your face, and because it’s big as fuck, there is a real possibility you will die of a heart attack, as at least one guy would attest, were he not dead.

Photo taken outside our airbnb in Bondi

More Aussie slang:

This is the term for the plastic wine-filled bag inside a box of wine. Certain brands of boxed wine appear to be the cheapest way you can get drunk in Australia, and as such are popular with teenagers and/or bogans, who have also invented exciting games such as "goon-of-fortune", where the teenager/bogan attaches a goon bag to their laundry drying rack, spins it around and then someone guzzles it. We haven't actually encountered this game in person, so we stole a picture from someone's blog:

Deals! Deals! Deals!

The latest flight deal we've seen comes to you from Scott's Cheap Flights, who found round trips from LAX-SYD for only $487!! Holy cow! A deal like that can't last!
That's all for now! If you missed our last newsletter, find it here!
And may those who unsubscribe mistakenly go to work on a public holiday. 
Tom wonders if this is the grill for us. 
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