You thought we were done but we're back and longer than ever! 
Photo taken by Tom at Gap Bluff
The Arrivals Edition: Money, Stuff and Our First Visitor! 

Between our last newsletter and this one, we fell off the writing wagon and instead focused on other things, namely: spending two weeks in Europe, one week flying to and from Europe, readying the house for our first visitor, and attending to a million and one little life things that, added up, make life seem busier than it needs to be. 

The biggest news is that Tom got a job and has been gainfully employed for about three weeks! Ask Tom what he does for work and he'll say, "Computers." He used to say "Tech," but in Australia that sounds like "Tax," and people tended to murmur "Oh cool," and change the subject. The hours are modest and regular, and we are in the midst of two straight four day weekends. The biggest perk though is the endless supply of Vegemite, cheese, toast, butter and an accompanying panini press. 

'As far as jobs go," Tom says, "This one's not bad." 

Our second biggest news is that our shipment of stuff from New York finally arrived after a little over two months in storage, eight weeks at sea and two weeks being inspected for foreign vermin. We were overjoyed to be reunited with our kitchen stuff, rug, books, and Tom's records. Pots! Mozart! Dining Table! Hooray! Betty was less enthused to see all her cheap threads from Forever21 and Zara appear again and is wondering why she didn't just dump it all at the Salvation Army in Hell's Kitchen. Floor length polyester polka dot skirt, anyone? 

And our third and most exciting news is that we had our very first official visitor! Sarah, Betty's old friend from middle school, joined us for five days over Easter Weekend to celebrate Jesus's demise surprise. We went to many exciting beaches and Chinese restaurants and stopped in various pubs along the way. And as Sarah is a huge fan of both Keanu Reeves and Jesus, we spent two evenings with Keanu, first rewatching  The Matrix, and then  John Wick, on our TV, which, as mentioned above, we are thrilled to have back in our midst.  Great stuff with a great guest. 


As always, thank you for reading. 

Betty & Tom 
A Well-Read Lady of Leisure: Betty Rediscovers Books 

 A lot of you might be wondering, "What the eff does Betty do all day, now that Tom's gone at work? It's clearly not the newsletter." 

If the freezer is any indication, she's been eating a lot of ice cream. But she's also been working on her mind. There's only so much internet trash a person can handle so she's rediscovered the joys of reading in absence of friends and happy hours. 

Since moving to Sydney, she has polished off a startling number of books, unmatched since her lonely NYU days. 

Here are some of the top titles she's read recently and recommends, in case you too are looking for something to read: 

  • Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
  • Half a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • The Lonely City by Olivia Liang 
  • Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance by Atul Gawande
  • Being Mortal by Atul Gawande 
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson 
  • Please Look after Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin
  • The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro 

In other reading news, Tom is slowly making his way through Command at Sea by Michael A. Palmer. 

Betty would like to know: what are you reading? What should she read next? 

Just three days after we watched the Matrix with Honorable Guest Sarah, Betty spotted Agent Smith at the Nim Thai Massage Spa on Bourke St. as she was leaving.

He looked nothing like the photo above, having gone for the popular Hollywood Homeless style, but the massage therapist called him Hugo, which is his actual name, and it turns out he is British-Australian and resides in Surry Hills, which makes us neighbors!

Photo taken from the Internet because it would have been weird to snap him in the wild. 
Sarah Lee, First Visitor! 

This beer-swilling hipster comes by way of Palo Alto, but what's truly remarkable, she actually managed to bamboozle her company into covering the flight because of "business purposes". Inspiring stuff.

Sarah's interests including beer, long walks on the beach, and not being in the Bay Area (America's worst area).

When asked what she thought of her trip down under, she said, completely free of any undue influence from us, "Guys, I highly recommend visiting."

Photo taken by Betty at Young Henry's brewery in Newtown
The mother lode. Maloney's Grocer on Crown St. has pies coming out their ears and sausage rolls coming out their pants. So many flavors, and a selection of fine cheeses for all your gout needs.
OMFG Could These Deals Get Any Hotter?!?

The latest flight deal we've seen comes to you from "Scoot Airlines", who have round trips from HKG-SYD for only $555!! My god! And with an airline like Scoot, the only plunge into the sea you'll experience is at fabulous Bondi Beach!
That's all for now! If you missed our last newsletter, find it here!
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The girls scream in terror at shark-infested waters
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